5 Ways to participate in the USA on 'World Environment Day' June 03 2017

World Environment Day June 5th 2017 is the United Nations’ annual celebration to raise global awareness of the environment and the need to take positive action to protect it. It is now celebrated in over 100 countries, with many people actively participating in local, national and global activities. The theme for 2017 is ‘connecting people with nature’, a day to reconnect with the places you love. We’ve come up with a few ideas as to how you can take responsibility and become an agent of change in ensuring a more environmentally sustainable planet!

  • #WorldEnvironmentDay – This year’s goal is to create the world’s biggest photo album with photos or videos of your favorite places in nature. By using #WorldEnvironmentDay or #WithNature, you can share the story of your favorite place and why is matters to you. Join in on the global conversation and raise awareness - our planet and its infinite beauties needs to be recognized, appreciated and protected!
  • 'Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.' Ryunosuke Satoro                                                                                                            Every action counts on World Environment Day, no matter how small!  It’s about participating and taking the initiative to making the world greener. Will you stop using plastic bags when you shop? Turn the tap off whilst brushing your teeth? Or use rainwater to water your plants? Make your daily routine greener by creating a list of your energy usage, consuming habits and reliance on products then think of a way to alter these habits as your move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 
  • Join in on the celebration – Check out the activities being planned locally, nationally and globally and participate in the action. Events are listed on the World Environment Day website, local government and municipality websites, so keep yourself posted. You may also have the opportunity to become a volunteer for the event.
  • Put on a show – Be the host of your own World Environment Day celebration. With a little planning and effort, you can mobilize your neighborhood, friends, work colleagues, school or family to raise awareness and take action for our planet! Some activity ideas:                                                           
    • Clean up your neighborhood, workplace or school.   
    • Eco film festival screening informative environmental films.     
    • Competitions
  • Use what you’ve got
    • Garden - How’s that backyard of yours looking? A little neglected? It may just be the perfect place to start to your new Eco-conscious lifestyle. Visit your garden space and plan its future. Start composting to boost your garden’s health and production, plant seasonal crops, herbs and spices to add to your cooking. Spend some time in your garden every week, away from your busy lifestyle to reflect and connect with nature. It could do wonders not only to your garden but to your own mind, body and soul!
    • ClutterReduce, reuse, recycle, just like the AusPen motto. A great place to start is with your own belongings and buying habits. Ask yourself – do you really need to buy just for keeps? Or could you borrow, reuse, share to reduce consumption and the subsequent production of landfill after use? De-clutter your life and reduce, reuse and recycle your belongings after you’re done with them.
    • Learn – Read the labels of your own goods purchased to find out where and how those products are made. Be informed about the purchase decisions you make as you may be surprised (and perhaps shocked) with how your belongings are being produced. There are always alternative solutions and products if you just search for the information and question the company, retailer or manufacturer responsible.

This is your chance to make a small but meaningful contribution to a greener planet and a more sustainable lifestyle. Every actions matters!


Reviving your AUSPEN markers March 25 2014

Dear valued customers,

We want all our customers to benefit from their purchase by reviving a marker that may have dried out.

There have been many cases when the marker stops performing properly, or stops absorbing ink refills.

We wanted to share a method, which we have tested that will revive your dried out markers.

These steps are as follows:

1. You may gently take apart the pen by unscrewing the nib holder from the barrel, as if refilling ink.

2. Once the pen is taken apart, you will see a cotton like reservoir, which holds the ink inside the barrel.

3. You may take the reservoir out with tweezers, or simply turn the barrel upside down to retrieve the reservoir.

4. Once you have separated the reservoir, take it over to a sink and run warm water through it. You should notice that tiny bits of color should start flowing out. You may continue to run warm water through it while you use the "pinch technique." This creates space to allow water to flow through and remove ink blockage.

5. Once you have removed the desired amount of old ink(Please note this will not remove all color.) You must dry the reservoir before reinserting it into the barrel/marker.

6. You can pinch from one end keeping pressure as you move down the reservoir to remove excess water.

We recommend a paper towel to prevent any staining to a wash clothe.

7. (Once dried) You may now reinsert the reservoir into the barrel. Then you may begin the re-inking process. You should notice that the reservoir is more absorbent and has a larger refill capacity, which extends the life of your marker.

We want to hear from you if you have any questions or feedback on this process.

We hope this helps and we value your continued business.



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