How to clean your whiteboard

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Many people write to us asking about the best way to clean their whiteboards, and also how our refillable markers work with other kinds of whiteboards. 

For example dry erase markers for whiteboard will work on glass, but what about ‘whiteboard marker black boards’ or plastic boards? Some people have even asked if we sell a whiteboard video marker - anyone who can explain what that is gets a gold star from us! 

Anyway, the answer is that our markers work well on most non-porous surfaces, but there is a particular way to clean those surfaces to ensure AusPens dry erase properly, and that your whiteboard stays white long term.

Read on for all the info on how to clean your whiteboards for AusPen.

  1. Avoid sprays like the plague. Spray cleaners are good for many things, but cleaning whiteboards to use with markers is not one of them. They are notorious for binding to our marvellous refills ink and making it stick to the writing surface. What you’re left with is a nasty residue, and that we don’t love. 
  2. Invest in a good cream cleanser. Luckily, cream cleansers will be the answer to all of your sticky-colour-tinted whiteboard woes. Those that use these markers in school (and we know a large proportion of you do), should reach out to your department head to find out who cleans the boards and what they use. Then you’ll have the opportunity to suggest something like this one, which will be an utter game changer when it comes to getting your writing not to run and to dry erase easily when you’re ready.
  3. Clean the surface down from edge to edge at least once or twice a fortnight. If you’re not sure who else has been cleaning your board, your best best is to clean it down yourself using your new cream cleanser every so often to keep yourself writing with ease. Make sure you get into the corners and dry the board off afterwards too. 
  4. Use a microfibre cloth as an eraser. Ok so this last one is a hot tip from us at the AusPen office. In all of our years of trialling whiteboard erasers, and trust me we have tried many, the one stand out has been using a microfibre cloth! You can get them from any home goods stores, eco or bulk food store and they will last. Just make sure you don’t wash them in your washing machine and if you must wash them - keep them away from your clothes and general laundry. It is also best to buy bamboo microfibre cloths as the generic (nylon) versions break down and release tiny micro-plastics into our oceans and waterways which ends up, you guessed it - in our food! 

Happy whiteboard cleaning!

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