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I wanted to take a moment to tell you about some of our fabulous resellers.

Let's start with 1Million Woman. In 2009 former entrepreneur Natalie Isaacs set out to empower women and girls around the world ‘to act on climate change with everything they do.' and so founded the non-profit organisation 1Million Women.

Since then, the initiative has exploded to an impressive following of 970,000,000 (almost her namesake 1 million women), by hosting numerous environment-focused events around the country, including her well known LoveEarth Festival which hosted an impressive lineup of performers and vendors.

Her most recent endeavor is the 1Million Women Marketplace, an online store of environmentally focused retailers categorised by social intention such as cruelty-free, carbon neutral, package-free and many more great things. 

And AusPen is very happy to have become one of their marvellous vendors this year. We have been perusing all of the sustainably minded businesses they keep adding and love keeping up to date with like minded initiatives and businesses.

Below is a little more information about three of our favourites. If you’d like to learn more about the AusPen story and see what we’re selling with 1MillionWomen you can check out our profile with them here.

  1. Us & the Earth tooth powders

Toothpaste tubes — what a waste! This collection of toothpaste powders contain powerful high-quality, organic and antibacterial ingredients to keep those pearly white clean without generating plastic waste.

  1. Bee Folk Bees Wax Wraps

Cling wrap and sandwich bags would have to me two of my least favourite things. They are impossible to reuse and therefore are churned through faster than you can utter the word 'earth'. Try these resuable Bee Wax Wraps for some seriously ethical food preservation. 

  1. Zero Co Refillable Products

Ok we love the beautiful branding of this product, as well as the super convenient service. Zero Co not only make refillable, non-toxic product but they also delivery and pick up your empties for refilling! Check them out.

And don't forget to head over to 1Million Women to browse AusPen.

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