Meet Our Resellers Part 2: Sustain LA

Posted by Sabina McKenna on

For the second edition of ‘meet our resellers’ we bring you Sustain LA; a refillable, reusable, eco-friendly goods store, in Sunny Los Angeles.

This vibrant store is owned by Leslie Van Keuren Campbell, who grew a deep appreciation for all things natural during her childhood growing up in the country side. 

The store's ethos is to champion zero waste consumption and a circular economy, and Leslie offers a range of retail products and very cool services that align. 

Everything in the store itself is refillable, and some are available as part of their return and refill delivery service. Leslie also consults on sustainable low-waste event planning, event partnership opportunities and as well as reusable crockery rentals; all of which make for some very exciting additions to what we usually find at refill and reuse stores. 

Leslie reached out to AusPen about a year ago – at the beginning of the pandemic – and loved the idea of whiteboard markers that are refillable, low-tox and that also have replacement parts. Since then she has been one of our most adored resellers, and one of the only bricks and mortar stockists we have in downtown LA.

What we love most about the store though is how Leslie stocks such a huge variety of products and services. Right through from your household and personal needs to the office or workspace - she has all the necessities. If you're shopping in person there is also a range of low cost containers that can be purchased to fill – instead of bringing your own – which can also be returned for a deposit if you prefer to loan.

You can check out our selection of refillable whiteboard markers available at sustain LA, or learn more about what the store has to offer here.  

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