How to Refill

Recharge, refill, reverse, replace.

Each element is an essential part of keeping your markers vibrant, precise, and out of landfill.


WHEN: Recharge any time you notice that the colour is less vibrant than usual. Recharges are essential to keep the nib filled with ink, as the nib and reservoir are different densities- meaning the nib soaks up ink slower than the reservoir. 

WHAT: Keep your marker dark. A Recharge is a quick way top-up if you notice mid-sentence that your marker is faded. Simply place 1-2 drops of ink onto the tip of your marker, let it soak in, and keep writing!



WHEN: If Recharging isn't doing the job, you might need a Refill. If you unscrew the marker and find white patches around where the nib fits in, this is a great indicator that it's time for a Refill! Many all-day-every-day AusPen users find themselves Refilling once a week.

WHAT: Keep the ink feeding from the internal reservoir into the nib. Unscrew the top of the marker, and place enough drops on the reservoir sponge so that there are no white patches, but not so much that it stays shiny or wet. If you add too much, use a cloth to soak up the excess. 



WHEN: When your nib is flattened, fuzzy, or split.

WHAT: All our nibs are double sided, so if one side is used up, you can flip it to the other side for a brand new nib!



WHEN: If you have a leaky marker, or if your Refills don't seem to improve the vibrancy of your marker, your reservoir might need reversing. When the top of the reservoir gets mushy or flattened, and no longer holds the bottom of the nib snugly, it can no longer feed ink through to the nib effectively.

WHAT: All our reservoirs are double sided, so if one side is no longer holding the nib snugly, you can flip it to the other side for a brand new reservoir!



WHEN: When both ends of your nib are flattened, fuzzy, or split, or when it it is dried out.

WHAT: Our nibs are replaceable, so you never have to worry about a fuzzy or dried out marker. 


WHEN: When both ends of your reservoir are flattened, mushy, or when it it is dried out. Most reservoirs last 5+ years before needing to be replaced. 

WHAT: Our reservoirs are replaceable, so you don't need to worry about dried out or leaky markers.


Left the cap off for a few days? Kept your markers in storage for multiple years? No need to throw them out!

When AusPen markers dry out, it's because the ink has crystallised in the nib and reservoir. This means that adding more ink won't bring the nib and reservoir back to life. To revive your marker, see below:

If you have Ethanol 100 on hand, you can add a few drops to the nib and reservoir. This will dissolve the crystals. Then, if you need to add more ink, start slow to make sure the marker doesn't overflow.

If you don't have any Ethanol 100, you will need to replace the nib. See above for instructions.

Before replacing the reservoir, give both ends a gentle squeeze. Is there any ink rising to the top? You may find that one end has dried out, but the other is fine. If this is the case, you can just reverse it to the inky end!* If it has been more than a few days, you will most likely need to replace the reservoir.

*Note that if you have reversed a semi-dried out reservoir, it may not last as long as our reservoirs usually do. Keep an eye out for signs of leakage, in case there are sneaky ink crystals affecting the absorbency of the reservoir.


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