A Day in the Life of a Primary School Teacher

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Meet Rachel Waddell, Instagrammer and blogger going by the name of A Good Little Teach. She is a Primary school teacher based in Brisbane and started creating content to inspire people to be proud of what they do – teacher or not. 

She mostly shares videos and photos from her day-to-day in the classroom, but also loves sharing her outfits too. Inspiring others with her educational style.

We loved her message and reached out to her. Rachael was very interested to see if switching to refillable whiteboard markers could help her reduce the waste in her classroom, and also if our vibrant colours would be dark enough for students sitting at the back of her classroom to see. Something she often struggles with. 

Good news – they did; Rachael’s favourite colours are the purple, black and blue!

The best part about AusPen – aside from the refilling – is that you can also ‘recharge’ them on the go, by topping up with a little ink right onto the top of the nib. So not only are the colours already vibrant, but you can keep them that way by topping up at any time.

No more fading lines or getting stuck at the board without a working whiteboard marker.

Watch Rachel try AusPen in her day-in-the-life video above and check out AusPen here if you want to learn more!

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