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Over 6000 educators and teachers, working across more than 2000 schools and institutions, are using AusPen! Here's what some of them have to say:

As a historian I am very critical of glib phrases, but using AusPen’s markers in my classroom is truly a “win-win.”
First, I love the fact that the markers are non-plastic and refillable, meaning that their use contributes to sustainability (no mean statement especially when I am teaching a recently-developed course on climate and history).
But in addition to being so eco-friendly, the markers (and tips) are sturdy, write beautifully, and have such vibrant colours that my students often overlook my amateurish diagrams!

I unequivocally recommend these pens to my colleagues, students, and anyone who teaches.

— Robert Ingoglia, Ph.D., Adjunct Instructor – Department of History

Many years ago (at least 7) I bought a set of AusPens. They served me well; I filled them with ink when necessary and made sure not to lose any (being especially vigilant when colleagues borrowed one during shared classes). I used every colour, as I believe the use of different colours enhances student perception and comprehension of information.

My pens were so well used that the hinge of the case eventually gave way and I was in danger of losing one of my precious pens! I contacted AusPen to order a replacement case. This was not possible, but AusPen showed their excellent approach to customer satisfaction by sending me a replacement case in the post - gratis!

AusPen's exemplary customer service didn't end there. Eventually, the barrels of my pens became so well-used that the labels showing the colour of the ink inside completely disappeared. I was reduced to opening each pen in order to identify which colour it was, before I was able to choose to write with that colour pen. This cost me valuable teaching time. I contacted AusPen inquiring about replacement labels.

The pens themselves were still providing great service; my issue was with the outside! AusPen suggested a certain brand of small adhesive label dots. I bought and applied them, but it wasn't an ideal solution. Eventually, I bit the bullet and ordered a new set of 6 pens in a case. Imagine my surprise and delight when AusPen gave me a new set at no cost. This company provides a top quality product but even more than that, they put their customers first.

Well done, AusPen!

—Murene Cassai, Independent Teacher

These markers are awesome!! I teach high school and now switched over to using only AusPen in my rooms. My students and I are impressed, and the carry case is very convenient as I am in different campuses some days in my school district. It's a very well thought out product. 

— Nathan Sharplin, Independent Teacher