Our Three Favourite AusPen Products and Why

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Our Three Favourite AusPen Products
The Carry Case
Created to be the ultimate teacher’s tool kit, this lightweight set of six inks and markers has been a long time favourite in the AusPen community. Not only is it the best way to keep tabs on all your inks and markers, by storing them neatly in one central place, but this little gem was also inspired by the shape and design of the original MacBook Pro. It looks fabulous tucked snugly under your arm as you walk from classroom to lecture theatre and is also the perfect size to fit into a briefcase.

There have been many iterations of this classroom staple, and there are more to come. The Carry Case of the future will come in different colour combinations – not just the assorted six that Science and Math teachers love. And it will also be made from a much more sustainable material... hint: not plastic!
The Humble 12 Pack 
We love a set of 12 Black Bullet or Chisel tipped markers – because everyone needs a line bold enough to see from the back of the classroom (insert laughing emoji).
Black is the natural go to when it comes to writing instruments. The default if you will. You’ll typically find a pack of these among the other everyday items in the stationery cupboard: biros, erasers etc. They come in a set of 12 so you can do the class rounds between refills.
It’s best to collect your Black Markers at the end of the day or week to refill with ink and replace any fuzzy nibs. 
We have heard so many lovely stories from schools who have set up their own refilling stations and systems. Some of them allocate a refill monitor, whose job on rotation is to issue tender love and care to the school AusPens – so wholesome.
What would a refillable whiteboard marker be without ink? Did you know that our bottles of refill ink have 800 drops inside? I counted them myself. So according to our calculations… if you need 10-15 drops for a full refill – you end up with 80 additional markers per ink bottle (that’s 480 in the Carry Case)! But also there is another way to refill… with the way our ink bottles have been designed you can do a quick top of ink right onto the tip of the nib. You don’t need to unscrew the barrel you can just gently put a drop or two on top, let it soak in and you’re good to go. No more fading lines in this classroom!
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Image Credit 2: Via Pinterest and  www.sfeir-semler.com
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