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Why choose refillable makers?
Those who know about AusPen and use our dry erase markers, will agree that there is nothing like being able to refill your markers, instead of having to constantly buy new ones. 
Before AusPen existed, the common school year routine was to order stationery at the beginning of each term, which would replenish the dried out markers that ended up without caps or had their nibs crushed into fluff and that were inevitably going to be thrown into landfill. It would go on like that until the end of the year, until every single marker purchased had ended up in the bin. And next year the whole process would be repeated again, resulting in double the amount of landfill than the year before and double the amount of money wasted. 
The reality is that this routine is a nuisance and costs schools (and parents who pay school fees) lots and lots of money. Anyway, the good news is that AusPen has changed that…

AusPen fixes the problems every teacher has. 

Every teacher knows the frustrating feeling of beginning a class, only to start writing with a fuzzy tipped marker that doesn’t work.
Those who use AusPen however will know that a quick top up of ink right onto the nib - a recharge as the AusPen staff call it - will restore the marker to writing bold and bright lines again.
We often think of the poor school accounts managers out there who must dread the beginning of term when they have to order the exact same amount of stationery, because all of the markers they bought last term (that weren’t AusPen markers) were unusable within a couple of weeks, and ended up in landfill...
This boring scenario is a rarity at schools who use AusPen! Their orders includes ink and nibs that their staff use to replenish the existing markers as needed. Many teachers who use AusPen have even had their personal marker sets for 5, 10 and even 15 years - because there is no reason to throw them away.

AusPen changed the way we think about waste in the education sector. 

Products that are refillable and reusable are no new concept in the world of sustainability. They all come from the idea of a circular economy, which means creating products, resources and materials in a way that they can be reintegrated or returned back into our consumption and used again and again - like a circle. 
The idea of a circular economy was born from the realisation that society is currently operating within a linear economy, which is bad! Within a linear economy, things are exploited and removed from the Earth, turned into products and resources and then discarded. Resulting in pollution and over consumption. Not good! 


So why choose refillable? Because being a part of a circular economy and not a linear one is the best way to help the environment and not contribute to its construction. Oh and also, you will save yourself and or your school hundreds of dollars and be able to enjoy everyday in the classroom with markers that always work. How about that for value?

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