AusPen - The Refillable Whiteboard & Dry Erase Marker

AusPen makes refillable whiteboard markers to remove the waste from disposable markers and make neat, clear whiteboard markings. Whether you’re in the classroom or a meeting, whiteboard markets are a vital tool to help give your presentation or deliver your lesson. With the wide array of colors and a choice of tips available at AusPen, you can find the exact markers you need while removing landfill waste.

The refillable dry erase markers from AusPen are eco-friendly and can be completely refilled and reused at a fraction of the price of disposable markers, saving you money while contributing to a more sustainable environment. Made from a sturdy aluminum tube, AusPen refillable whiteboard markers are reliable and long-lasting. Just like your favorite pen that you refill and continue to write with, all AusPen dry erase markers can be easily refilled with any ink color and get you back to writing your notes on the board again.

When disposable markers run out of ink, it is always at the worst time – the middle of that big presentation, leading up to a final exam, or just as you’re about to draw out your final findings. A faded, dried-out marker will interrupt your lesson, presentation or project, and new markers may not be on-hand. There is no need to hunt for new markers, make a trip to the store, place another order or throw out dozens of markers each year with AusPen refillable whiteboard markers. With a few drops of refillable ink, your AusPen dry erase markers will be like-new again, drawing crisp, clear lines with no fading.

Order refillable whiteboard markers for your school, business, office or home and do your part to protect the environment while saving money and enjoying neat, like-new markers. Order individual markers, single-color and multi-color marker packs, refillable ink, new tips and more online today or call AusPen for more information.