Ms. Sam's Kindergarten Students Teach HER about Plastic Consumption

Posted by Sabina McKenna on

Case Study: Meet Kindergarten teacher Ms. Sam 
Last Earth Day Ms. Sam was having a conversation with her students about plastic. She is passionate about conserving the environment and minimising her impact by creating less waste, and wanted to see how she and her students could bring that attitude through into the classroom.
Ms Sam is very passionate about minimising waste, and especially reducing plastic consumption, so she was going into the conversation very confidently. She was very surprised when she was called out by one of her 6 year old students for all of the plastic whiteboard markers sitting on her board!
Ms. Sam had never thought about it before, but realised her students were right – all the markers were in fact going to end up in landfill. They never lasted her long in the condition they came in, and when they started to fade they were pretty much useless. 
She made a promise to her class that she would do something about it. And that led her to AusPen! Watch her tell her story above and click here to learn more about AusPen.

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