Replacement Reservoirs 6 Pack

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Don’t keep throwing away your dry erase markers! Bring them back to life with replacement reservoirs from AusPen.

Revive and restore your old, dried-up whiteboard markers with brand-new, custom-fitted reservoir replacements. Usable in any AusPen marker product, these replacement reservoirs extend the useful life of your whiteboard markers and significantly increase the amount of color that flows from your pen’s nib, helping you write brightly and clearly with every stroke.

You’ll never have to buy a new dry erase marker again with these high-quality replacement reservoirs. And teachers, rejoice! If you’ve ever encountered the problem of having dried-out markers that don’t work even after you replace the nib, these replacement reservoirs will solve that issue.

Place an order online today for your six-pack of replacement dry erase marker reservoirs from AusPen.