3x2 Refillable Whiteboard Markers
3x2 Refillable Whiteboard Markers

3x2 Refillable Whiteboard Markers

3x2 Refillable Whiteboard Markers

3.7 OZ


6 wonderfully vibrant, terrifically light weight refillable aluminium dry erase markers that write brightly and boldly and erase with ease. Always visible from the back of the classroom, the rich red, black and blue pigment in these markers makes for the perfect default for legible and neat looking writing.

This pack of 6 refillable whiteboard markers with replacement parts, is the perfect thing to keep your stationery cupboard stocked with ready to use writing instruments for every class. Containing two nibs, which can be reversed to use on both sides and one reservoir filled with bright red, black and blue ink that is low odour and low toxicity to keep your classroom healthy. It leaves zero residue and dries quickly to keep you writing across the board with ease.

Each one of these 6 pack of red, black and blue bullet markers can be recharged as well as refilled so you can quickly top up ink on the go while teaching or at any time when your lines start fading even slightly. It’s easy to quickly swap out the nibs as well if ever you find your bullet tip not as defined or chisel tip not as sharp.

6 Pack of red, black and blue bullet markers are suitable for use on all non-porous surfaces. The ink is lightweight enough that it won’t run or streak or smudge (remember to keep it well away from any fabric, material or clothing - we like to use a rag when refilling or recharging, just in case). Sturdy aluminium barrel looks fabulous, while also being a total environmental hero material, which can be recycled and infinitely. In fact, the entire marker can be recycled in domestic recycling, just remember to remove the nib and reservoir and discard those components in general waste.


Aluminium barrel, nylon nib and ink reservoir, ink (Ethanol and 2-Propanol, Pigment).


One refillable AusPen replaces 80 conventional (non-refillable whiteboard markers), fully recyclable in domestic facilities, low-odour, low-tox, no animal by-products, won’t pollute water ways, no expiration date. For a mad scientist description of the ingredient please email us at info@auspen.com.


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