3x2 Refillable Whiteboard Markers
3x2 Refillable Whiteboard Markers

3x2 Refillable Whiteboard Markers


No more whiteboard markers in landfill!

This pack contains 6 markers: 2 x Blue, 2 x Black and 2 x Red.

Dual-sided reversible nibs and reservoirs are easily replaceable and refillable, meaning you'll always have a powerful, bright pen at your side. Recharge for a vibrancy top-up on the go, or find a few minutes in between classes or meetings to refill.


One bottle of refill ink refills each pen 60+ times for an affordable $0.12 per refill.

Enjoy writing with confidence, knowing you'll never have to add another marker to landfill.

Suitable for use on all non-porous surfaces. The entire marker can be recycled in domestic recycling, just remember to remove the nib and reservoir and discard those components in general waste.




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