12 Blue Refillable Whiteboard Markers

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Auspen Markers are made to last

Blue dry erase markers from AusPen let you illustrate your ideas, make corrections, draw graphs, teach classes, lead groups and more. Reusable dry erase markers won’t wear out or dry out, whether you use them all day every day or only once in a while. The pack of 12 blue reusable dry erase markers allows you to refill ink at any time, instead of wasting plastic, wasting money and pitching markers into a landfill. AusPen makes dry erase markers for teachers, businesses, students, colleges and organizations all over the world. Order refillable markers today for your classroom, boardroom or wherever you need them.

And the best part - they are refillable!

Available in 2 styles:

  • Bullet Nib
  • Chisel Nib

in single color sets of 12. 

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