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Why we love it

Never worry about a faded pen again!

The dual-sided reversible nibs and reservoirs in our 12-Packs of refillable whiteboard markers are easily replaceable and refillable, so you're never caught without a powerful, bright pen. 

Recharge on the go for a vibrancy top-up, and Refill when you have a few minutes between classes or meetings.

Environmentally and wallet-friendly- each marker can be reused infinitely. Write with confidence, knowing you’ll never have to add another marker to landfill.

One bottle of refill ink refills each pen 60+ times for an affordable $0.12 per refill.


  • - Pack contains 12 x Blue AusPen Refillable Whiteboard Markers
  • - Suitable for use on all non-porous surfaces
  • - All parts except nib and reservoir are recyclable in domestic facilities
  • - Low odour
  • - Low-tox
  • - No animal by-products
  • - Won't pollute waterways
  • - No expiration date

Two ways to refill

A quick top-up if you notice mid-sentence that your pen is faded. Simply place 1-2 drops of ink onto the tip of your pen, wait a few seconds for it to soak in, and keep writing!

If you notice you’re Recharging more often than you’d like, you might need a Refill. Unscrew the top of the pen, pull the reservoir off the bottom of the nib, and place 4-5 drops inside the reservoir, along with one drop on the bottom of the nib, and one on the top. Screw everything back together, and you’re good to go.


Aluminium barrel, nylon nib and ink reservoir, ink (Ethanol and 2-Propanol, Pigment).

  • For a mad scientist description of the ingredients (or just an SDS form) please email us at info@auspen.com.


How often do AusPen markers need refilling?
Refilling habits vary from user to user, depending on how much you write. Most daily AusPen users are refilling their most used pen once a week, and recharging it only every now and again.

How long do AusPen nibs last?
Our nibs are a little sturdier than disposable marker nibs, so you can expect to have to reverse a nib (or replace it, if you’ve used both sides) a little less often than you usually wear down a disposable whiteboard marker. Most daily AusPen users are reversing or replacing their nibs once every few months.

How often do reservoirs need changing?
Some user’s reservoirs last up to 5 years! This depends again on how you use your markers. But generally, unless they dry up, reservoirs will last a very long time before the sponge gets compacted around the nib and no longer feeds ink through.

What if my pen dries out?
No need to throw another dry pen. Simply replace your nib and reservoir!