Xylene is a colourless liquid that has a strong sweet smell – commonly associated with marker pens. AusPen markers are 100% Xylene free and therefore do not have that distinctive marker pen odour.

We chose a Xylene free ink for our pens because we wanted our product to be free from any nasty chemicals that could be harmful to our customers and the environment.

Xylene is also used to make glues, chemical cleansers, degreasers, paint strippers, pesticides, and other chemicals apart from just dyes and inks.

It has been classified as harmful by the European Union and some of the components of commercial Xylene include Toluene, Trimethylbenzene and other hydrocarbons that are also highly toxic.

Xylene can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled and Xylene poisoning can cause serious illness.

In the short term being poisoned with Xylene can affect the central nervous system, cause respiratory problems, induce nausea and vomiting, and irritate the eyes, nose and throat. It can also cause headaches and dizziness or a feeling of ‘drunkenness’ that could result in a loss of consciousness.

The long term effects of Xylene exposure only get worse, which is why when we were designing AusPen markers we chose to stay well away from Xylene.

Read more about the effects of Xylene below: