The Refillable Whiteboard Marker





How many times have you picked up a dry erase marker, popped to cap, placed it to a whiteboard and found yourself unable to write any more than a faint, faded scribble? Our AusPen dry erase markers can save the day in just that situation.

Instead of running out and buying extra, expensive whiteboard markers, AusPen’s dry erase markers are all refillable, allowing you to save money, time and energy by simply refilling markers when they run out of ink. We believe in penfill not landfill, which is why we offer a range of whiteboard markers and refill bottles to ensure that your AusPen dry erase markers will be ready to write when you need them.

Whether you use your whiteboard markers at staff meetings or study sessions, AusPen’s whiteboard markers let you write and draw without making a mess or breaking the bank. Whether your marker needs an ink refill or a new nib to write clearly again, all of our AusPen markers and replacement products are made from high-quality materials, and because you can refill them, they have been known to last for years.

Our refillable markers are also a simple way to help preserve the environment. Both economical and eco-friendly, our markers are designed to be strong and sustainable. Learn more about our full range of whiteboard products by contacting our New York office, or shop our online store today and place an order to try them out for yourself.

Refillable Dry Erase Markers