Resellers & Affiliates

AusPen is proud to be affiliated with the following groups and organisations who share in some way a similar philosophy. 
TSSM offers lectures and training programs to VCE students. 
From high quality VCE trial exam papers to VCE exam revision
lectures, our curriculum ensures students will be prepared in all
areas of their examinations.
Sustain LA is a certified woman-owned and small business social enterprise at the intersection of several industries. We combine best practices and highest and best material use for an integrated approach to zero waste events and living.  

Plastic pollution is causing environmental harm worldwide. With roughly ten tons of plastic ending up in our oceans every minute around the clock, it is well past time for our reliance on cheap, disposable plastics to make way for common sense. The Wisdom Supply Co. Mission is to disrupt what we call the shelf-to-shore pipeline, and replace it with systems that prevent plastic and vinyl from entering the global waste stream.

If you wish to resell, distribute or supply our products, or find out more information, please download our Supplier Evaluation Form. Once you've filled it out and send it back to us, we will contact you and take it from there.