Nib Maintenance

How do I reverse or replace the nib of the markers?

All AusPen nibs are reinforced and double sided. If after a while you start to notice them wearing out, you can reverse them to use other side and also replace them with a new one as needed.

To reverse or replace the nib:

  • Unscrew the neck of the barrel
  • Remove the head and nib of pen
  • Remove nib and nib holder from the bottom of the housing
  • Pull out the nib from the nib holder
  • Reverse the nib, or select a new nib, and reinsert
  • Replace the nib holder into the housing
  • Re-screw the housing into the neck of the barrel firmly

Always take care when handling ink, the use of a tissue or rag is recommended.

 How to Reverse or Replace Nib in AusPen Whiteboard Marker