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For over 10 years we have provided outstanding value, service and a dedication to over several thousand customers worldwide. Here's just a few:

As a historian I am very critical of glib phrases, but using AusPen’s markers in my classroom is truly a “win-win.”

First, I love the fact that the markers are non-plastic and refillable, meaning that their use contributes to sustainability (no mean statement especially when I am teaching a recently-developed course on climate and history). But in addition to being so eco-friendly, the markers (and tips) are sturdy, write beautifully, and have such vibrant colors that my students often overlook my amateurish diagrams!

I unequivocally recommend these pens to my colleagues, students, and anyone who teaches.

— Robert Ingoglia, Ph.D., Adjunct Instructor – Department of History

Many years ago (at least 7) I bought a set of AusPens. They served me well; I filled them with ink when necessary and made sure not to lose any (being especially vigilant when colleagues borrowed one during shared classes). I used every colour, as I believe the use of different colours enhances student perception and comprehension of information.
My pens were so well used that the hinge of the case eventually gave way and I was in danger of losing one of my precious pens! I contacted AusPen to order a replacement case. This was not possible, but AusPen showed their excellent approach to customer satisfaction by sending me a replacement case in the post - gratis!
AusPen's exemplary customer service didn't end there. Eventually, the barrels of my pens became so well-used that the labels showing the colour of the ink inside completely disappeared. I was reduced to opening each pen in order to identify which colour it was, before I was able to choose to write with that colour pen. This cost me valuable teaching time. I contacted AusPen inquiring about replacement labels.
The pens themselves were still providing great service; my issue was with the outside! AusPen suggested a certain brand of small adhesive label dots. I bought and applied them, but it wasn't an ideal solution. Eventually, I bit the bullet and ordered a new set of 6 pens in a case. Imagine my surprise and delight when AusPen gave me a new set at no cost. This company provides a top quality product but even more than that, they put their customers first.
Well done, AusPen!
—Murene Cassai

On another note- these markers are awesome!! I teach high school and now switched over to using only Auspen in my rooms. My students and I are impressed, and the carry case is very convenient as I am in different campuses some days in my school district. It's a very well thought out product. 

- Nathan Sharplin

Fast, easy to order and seriously the most amazing product. I had my first set for 15 years of teaching, treated myself to a new set this year.

- Caroline S.

The Peninsula School

"The colours of green and orange show up just as well as the other colours and they help to brighten up any set of notes. The plastic carry case ensures that the pens are kept together and it also makes them very easy to transport. The refilling of the pen is a simple process and takes very little time. They appear to last longer than other pens before a refill is needed. The days of throwing out pens after every few weeks are gone. This is a cost effective and economical way of using whiteboard pens."

- Mr Kevin McMenamin

Head of Mathematics, The Peninsula School, Melbourne. 


Fountain Gate Secondary College

"I have been teaching Humanities in the state secondary system for 35 years. Most of that time I worked with chalk and blackboards...messy but effective.

With the introduction of whiteboards came the hassle of keeping a workable stock of markers. I was allergic to the fumes of many brands and I found they ran out of ink so quickly.

3 years ago our head of department provided us with a basic set of Auspens. At last a reliable and effective writing tool. My students loved the clear and defined boardwork.

I now have an Auspen box set of all colours with replacement inks. No more misplaced markers and limited colour choice.

This is the best thing that has happened to my day to day classroom delivery. I recommend this product to any person who needs to use whiteboard markers. They are just brilliant, great value for money, and arrived on my doorstep within 24 hours of online ordering."

- Virginia Spalding

Fountain Gate Secondary College


Best Selling Psychologist & Author

"I LOVE your refills, they keep me on the road - I use big sized pens for my work and they get through the ink."
- Steve Biddulph 
Author of Raising Boys and the latest book The New Manhood. He gives talks all over the world to parents, illustrated with his famous whiteboard drawings!


St Paul’s Grammar School

"We have been testing this product with our “high use” teachers. We have found them very economical and good quality and now intend to use them for all our staff. Not only do the financial savings impress us, but also the environmental benefit is a major plus."

- Trish Mills

Purchasing Officer, St Paul’s Grammar School, Sydney


RoseBud Secondary College

"I've used AusPen for the last 4 years! They run out you refill! Much better than disposable pens that keep running out!"

- Joanna 

RoseBud Secondary College 


Business Manager

"We have found these pens excellent, they are very easy to refill and they have saved the College hundreds of dollars by being able to refill these pens instead of throwing them away when empty. With a College of 1,500 students we use a lot of whiteboard markers!!! These pens are much better for the environment, as by refilling we send fewer pens to landfill. Penola Catholic College chose these pens for the savings, the environmental issues and because the people at AusPen are very easy to deal with and look after our needs."

- Rosemary Scarlett

Business Manager, Penola Catholic College, Melbourne


Pascoe Vale Girls College

"I was looking for non-toxic whiteboard markers as a present for my partner so she can draw pictures on the fridge for our daughter. I was really excited when I found your website. Your markers are absolutely perfect. I forwarded your website to the person who purchases all the stationary where I work. She was impressed as well."

- Ben King

Science Coordinator, Pascoe Vale Girls’ College, Melbourne

"Teachers love the idea of a portable unit with markers they can refill instead of throw away. These markers have a beneficial impact on the budget in that great savings are made during the school year. Auspen markers are easy to refill, save money and create less of an environmental “footprint” than do regular markers, which may only last a month, or so."

- Michelle Clark

Science Coordinator, Pascoe Vale Girls’ College, Melbourne


Counterpunch Personal Training

"I was looking for non-toxic whiteboard markers for my personal training studio. Auspens are great! Fantastic colour range and the fact that you can refill them and also replace the nibs is a real bonus. Thanks for creating such a great product!"

- Jonathan Campbell

Counterpunch Personal Training