Refill Instructions

How to Refill  

Refill markers before they dry out completely to maximize their lifespan

There are two main ways to give your pen a boost: Recharging, and Refilling


A recharge is a quick top-up. Perfect for when you're in the middle of writing something and want a more vivid color, or before you start a class or presentation.

  • Add one or two drops directly to the nib. No need to unscrew the neck of the barrel.
  • Allow the ink to soak in and carry on writing!


You'll know it's time for a refill if you find yourself having to recharge too frequently.

  • Unscrew the neck of the barrel. You can do this by hand without any ink touching you, or if you prefer you can use the AusPen tool (‘spanner’) supplied with every AusPen carry case.
  • AusPen Markers are individually wax sealed to ensure they are air locked. This may result in initial tightness of the neck. Subsequent openings are easier.
  • Remove only the head and nib of the pen, insert 2-5 drops of AusPen ink into the felt inside the barrel, one drop to the bottom of the nib, and one drop to the top.
  • Replace neck of the barrel firmly

*Please note our bottles of ink (and the cartoon below) suggest 25-30 drops of ink directly into the barrel for a refill. After years of research and feedback from clients, we've determined that it is no longer necessary to use so many drops. Save your ink! Use the instructions above as a starting point and add more or less as needed.

Avoid contact with fabrics.

Always take care when handling ink, the use of a tissue or rag is recommended.