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Blue - Refill Ink Bottle

Blue - Refill Ink Bottle

AusPen dry erase markers are made to be refilled at any time. With 25-30 drops from your refill ink bottle, you will have like-new dry erase markers whenever you need them. Blue refill ink bottles for whiteboard markers ensure your reusable markers never dry out or get streaky or faded.

Refilling your AusPen reusable markers only takes a few seconds – less time than opening a package of new markers – and you can get right back to work.

Refill after each day or keep the bottle handy to recharge on the go.

AusPen makes dry erase marker accessories to keep your refillable markers in top shape and reduce waste and expenses. By replacing flimsy disposable markers with refillable dry erase markers, you will eliminate plastic waste and save money.  .