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Blue Refill Ink Bottle

Blue Refill Ink Bottle

Blue refill Ink that lasts forever. But seriously, it does; each bottle contains 800 drops of vibrant blue ink so you’ll never be left at the board with a dry marker again. 

Unlike regular dry erase refill inks, which contain unnecessarily harsh solvents like Xylene and Toluene, AusPen Refill ink is low-odour and low-toxicity, and writes beautiful bold lines that wipe away easily.

It doesn’t spill, drip or splatter: it’s ready to rescue you from fading lines every day. A base of Ethanol and 2-Propanol ensures that writing is smooth, colours are vibrant and easy to read and that ink dries quickly on the board, never smudging or staining. The pointed bottle tip is pressurised to draw ink upward – keeping it in all the bottle so you can squeeze just the right amount into your marker or onto the top of the nib just as you need it.

Gentle enough for sensitive noses. Bright enough to read, even from the back of the classroom. Lightweight enough to store in your briefcase or pencil case. Or with the rest of your markers and ink in your Carry Case. AusPen Refill Ink comes in 6 colours and is a ten out of ten!

Sold individually.